Citybooks, Grimtooth’s Traps, MSPE, vous connaissez ?

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

Bundle of Holding has just put forth a new Catalyst/MSPE rpg Bundle for a good cause. They’ve revived their July 2017 Catalyst Bundle, featuring the Catalyst line and other tabletop fantasy roleplaying game Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes .PDF ebooks from Flying BuffaloRick Loomis, founder of Flying Buffalo, publisher of Tunnels & Trolls, and designer of the first-ever solitaire adventure (Buffalo Castle), is facing overwhelming medical bills from his treatment for lymphatic cancer. Rick’s family has started a GoFundMe campaign, and Bundle of Holding is also helping with this great collection of Buffalo’s Catalyst supplements that work with any fantasy RPG. Notably, the CityBook series presents dozens of individual shops, establishments, and characters you can add to any urban fantasy adventure.

Bundle Catalyst A start jpg
This revived collection brings you all seven CityBooks, four Grimtooth’s Traps collections of devious dungeon obstacles, and the RPG Mercenaries, Spies, &…

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