Lancement officiel de la version de luxe aux Etats-Unis.

Bear Peters et Mike Stackpole à la GenCon 2015

Bear Peters et Mike Stackpole à la GenCon 2015

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

On July 30th, The dT&T rulebook made its first official appearance in public. It was on display during GenCon at the Flying Buffalo booth.  Fellowship members Rick Loomis, Bear Peters and Steven S Crompton were on hand to answer questions, show off the book and generally let the world know that dT&T is done and being printed at this very moment.

We had two copies of the book.  One for fans and attendees would pick up and the other was for Bear, so he could run demos. We were also selling the PDF on a flashdrive and taking advance orders from fans and stores. The Kickstarter pledgers will get their copies shipped out first, and then we’ll ship the rest. We are tentatively hoping that the book will be back from the printers in the next 3 weeks (but that is just an estimate.)

The response to seeing the rulebook…

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