Nul doute que Grimtooth ne laissera pas ce forfait impuni, et que le public francophone aura droit lui aussi à quelque chose à se mettre sous la dent !

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

Many of you have been wondering what the cover was going to look like, even before we used a digitally enhanced sketch of it for the free game day booklet. Now you can see it in fully-painted color from the steady hand of Liz Danforth. She finished it a just few days ago.

T&T Cover june2015v6

This is far and away one the best paintings she’s ever done (in our opinion), and it certainly surpasses any of her previous T&T related covers. Having the cover done is one of the big last steps towards getting the rulebook off to the printer. And we are oh so close to that point now.

How close? All the art is done for the book, as Liz also finished off the remaining kickstarter pledge illustrations that also had to get done. (Below are a few samples). Not only that, but Steve Crompton has placed all the new…

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